A little ambitious
July 4th, 2009

A little ambitious

Hello America, and happy 4th of July. All other countries: happy Saturday that’s just as depressing as all the others.

If you didn’t know, the Harvey award nominees were recently released.

Some of the choices caused some confusion and consternation, the two default states of the comic book fan’s mind.

Chief among the oddities was Nascar Heroes #5 inclusion on some of the nomination lists. Cries of ballot stuffing, cheating, bribery, etc. have hit the internet. And we use our crack cartooning skills to hopefully ride a wave of minor publicity.


  1. atticus

    After living in Texas for so long I can successfully say I loathe Nascar.

    Good job on this one guys! I love how his helmet actually has exclamation points on it.

    And Chris, your onomatopoeia is on par with the Onstad himself.


  2. David Uzumeri

    This seriously gets better and better with every installment, guys. Kudos. I laughed. A lot.


  3. Brian

    This is why I love you guys. Seriously. Has anyone, anywhere, ever thought of putting Kurtzman and The Intimidator in heaven together? I think not, sirs.


  4. lynn

    hahaha! awesome! (i hate nascar, too) this is hilarious, but i’ll bet that i woulda laughed even harder had i known who the dudes at the end were :/


  5. atticus

    haha seriously having the words Nascar and Superheroes anywhere near each other is some sort of ticket to hell.


  6. jason

    one of the best LBFA strips so far. that first panel looks GREAT! looks like it coulda came straight out of MAD magazine. the nascar guy making an entrance by going through the windshield….CLASSIC! kinda reminds me of that first panel from the classic MAD Superduperman story.

    that last panel is equally funny as well. again great stuff guys!!

    why the fuck are you guys not more famous than michael jackson yet??


  7. MartiniMan

    i mean we got a “allan moore’s mighty beard” and Dale Sr in one comic!!!!!!….extra buck!!!


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