Did Hannibal have a big ass chain?
June 19th, 2009

Did Hannibal have a big ass chain?

I hope he did.

This is yet another 100% true story comics.
When I told Curt that I was going to do a comic from texts that he had sent me, but refused to tell him which texts, he suddenly got perhaps more nervous than I had ever heard him sound.
I can show you these actual texts from Curt on my phone if you ever run into me and want to see them.

Speaking of running into me, I am going to be at HeroesCon in North Carolina this weekend hanging out with the fellow comickers Dean Trippe, Jason Horn, Evan Bryce, Paul Maybury, Danielle Corsetto, and the internet’s own Chris Sims and Rachelle Goguen!

You know who else I’m going to be hanging out with?
YOU if you’re going to be at HeroesCon this weekend!
I’ll be helping out at Danielle Corsetto’s table some on Friday and Sunday, so look for me there on those particular days.
If I am not there, it means I am just wandering around with a mildly frightened look on my face, wishing that Curt was there too.
If you’d like to get in touch with me, send me a Direct Message over on Twitter with your phone number or where you’re going to be and maybe we can do a thing.

Also, check out our new business cards that I took a terrible photo of with my phone.
New Let's Be Friends Again business cards
If you see me at HeroesCon I will be happy to let you have your choice of one.
Or two if you say you have a friend you want to give one to.
Please do not take advantage of my trusting nature.


  1. MartiniMan

    cards look great….would love a set of them…good luck this weekend


  2. Curt

    Chris went and left without uploading the comic, so if you see the little red x, just pretend like it`s our post-modern take on the nature of webcomics until we fix the problem.


  3. Curt

    I fixed it. Chris fails.


  4. Joel Priddy

    I want one! I want one! Save me a Spidey reading Ayn!


  5. Joey

    i would also like a set of those. i might even frame them. besides, you and curt will be gone to spx when i get married, so you both owe me (ming/flash freddie? it’ll totally get turned into a tattoo as well).


  6. hellohappytime

    I want SpidermAyn, too!

    Curt is weird. I’ll cleverly avoid/not avoid an obvious joke about thinking texts between the two of you would be a little more… interesting winky face emoticon.


  7. Markus Seaberry

    If that’s really a text from Curt, that’s pretty freakin’ hilarious. Another good one, guys. Have a good time at HeroesCon, Chris.


  8. april

    wade, those were the ones curt was hoping to god that chris wouldn’t post.


  9. atticus

    Is there any way to order those cards?


  10. MartiniMan

    i hear chris thinks neil patrick harris’s boyfriend is cute by the way


  11. chrishaley

    I do not think NPH’s BF is cute. I do, however, think NPH is about the coolest dude on TV.


  12. MartiniMan

    not what i heard


  13. atticus

    I’m kinda glad i didn’t go to the con. I sure don’t want to end up like ray at the end of cartilage head.


  14. Curt's Mom

    NPH is Totally cool and cute as a bug. Or some other little old lady expression.


  15. chrishaley

    See, Curt’s mom knows what’s up.


  16. big ass

    Fantastic items once and for . big assall, simply obtained the company logo innovative audience. Just what exactly will you recommend regarding set up that you simply designed a couple of days ago? Virtually any guaranteed?


  17. oscar

    Yeah he did!


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