Norse Noir
May 27th, 2009

Norse Noir

The sound and the light hit my back to remind me of who I am, where I come from.

I walk this ancient road of fratricide, with dear old dad watching me from the rainbow that only seems to be made of black these days. The good eye stares, but it’s the power of the empty one that really penetrates me, fills me with dread and hopelessness and every other god-forsaken emotion the Norse aren’t supposed to embody.

Odin wants me to murder Loki. My own brother.

But I wear this badge now, the weight of it heavier than any rune forged hammer. And ever since that hot, wet August night when that dame in green walked into my office, I’ve known that I’m more man than god. It’s by the laws of man that Loki will be punished.

So stick it in your eye hole, pops. No more lightning. No more thunder. Cigarettes, scotch, and a good woman. Those are what I want to be the god of now.


  1. Markus Seaberry

    I like the whole Thor noir thing. Curt, you just in a Marvel mood lately?


  2. David Uzumeri

    See? Why can’t Marvel be this fucking imaginative with the Noirs? Thor Noir is a NOBRAINER! Just think about the Royal Tenenbaums-esque family politics that would make up INHUMANS NOIR! God, why do they keep going for fucking Daredevil and Punisher?

    Seriously, great, great strip.


  3. Brian

    Very Oeming, Chris. Kudos! Good job! I like Thor’s outfit.


  4. atticus

    Where are the comics where Curt and Chris murder each other Spy vs Spy style?


  5. Aditya Bidikar

    The last panel should read, “I book thee …”
    ‘Bookest’ would be second-person singular.
    Apart from that, fantastic.

    However, if it’s a comment on how Marvel writers tend to fuck up Thor’s speech, I’m with you all the way.


  6. Martiniman

    by the way i just read a review of “Luke Cage Noir”……the writer says that Cage will be speaking in the tones of the 20′s and 30′s time period….how does Joe Q still have a job..someone please tell me how


  7. Brian St. Claire


    “Events”. Lots of ‘em. He’s a businessman first these days and a comics guy second.


  8. Martiniman

    @Brian St. Claire

    and thats marvel’s problem these days


  9. Pat!

    hope this isn’t the last time we see Thor Noir on here :)


  10. otherjoel

    I get it… Thor is Mike Hammer!


  11. chrishaley

    OherJoel – Now that’s inspired.


  12. malpertuis

    when you guys get a store, I want a high quality giclee thing of this


  13. unkown

    i thought of the idea of norse and noir and did a search to see if anyone else had said something about it, i’m starting to use poetry or something like it, but i am a christian and yours seems a little perverted, like eye *****


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