Stop the presses..
May 22nd, 2009

Stop the presses..

Even thought Curt is out of town, I’m sure everyone can appreciate that things are still classy as hell around here.

For the non-comic nerds out there, I can help with today’s comic.
Doc Ock.
The Vulture.
Uatu (The Watcher).
Spider-Man’s aunt.
Running a train.

Hope that clears it up so everyone can get it.



  1. Svengali Lad

    This is the first mayoral scandal webcomic I’ve seen on the net for Mayor JJJ and it’s great!
    I can’t wait to see the follow up when Betty Brant goes undercover as a Gwen Stacey look-a-like to investigate Ol’ Stormin’ Norman’s Dark Reign misdeeds.
    Seriously, I’ll give you a dollar…
    : )


  2. Brian

    Is the anchorman’s name “Randy” by any chance?


  3. chrishaley

    Brian – No, his name is “Carlin Kane”. No idea what the significance is.


  4. dan

    Even if you understand the comic—nay, especially if you understand it—check the links.

    I can die happy now.


  5. april

    it should be noted that all the links are SFW. even the last one.


  6. chrishaley

    April – That depends on where you work.


  7. chrishaley

    Also, if it helps any of you enjoy this particular comic more, you can’t see it, but Spidey’s got a paperback edition of “The Fountainhead” in his back pocket.


  8. atticus Craziness.

    Dammit chris give me the background!


  9. lynn

    i can’t decide if i’m more tickled or disgusted after having seen all the links.
    tee hee hee…blech!


  10. martiniman

    wow thats all i can say just wow


  11. Markus Seaberry

    Great one, JJJ is bound to have a mayoral scandal while in office, or at the very least, he should. The Spider-Man writers should steal this idea.


  12. otherjoel

    Is this your first Nascar reference?


  13. Elle Cee

    Do I have to be the obvious one and point out how much I love the field reporter’s name? I giggled like the little school girl I once was.


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