Angels & Fitch
May 19th, 2009

Angels & Fitch

As the Dr. Watson to Chris’ Holmes, I feel it is my duty to chronicle his journeys into the world of observational amateur sleuthing.

And, as far as detecting goes, he’s not half-bad.

He’s all bad!

Man. The Greatest Generation of 0wnage, right there.


  1. Martiniman

    as a ex frat boy and a salesman of Natty Light i feel it is my duty to inform you gents that Natural Light enjoys your endorsement as the beer of choice for all hazing and frat parties alike


  2. Rae

    Devlin Christos is hot.


  3. Markus Seaberry

    Okay, I can dig this one more than the last one.


  4. atticusjackson



  5. lynn

    do i detect a bump? it has begun!


  6. Grace

    I like how Curt can’t even say “Natty Light.” Or is that Chris? You white dudes all look the same to me.


  7. chrishaley

    Joe – We do what we can to help out the little guys.

    Rae- Basically.

    Markus – We aim to please.


  8. chrishaley

    Atticus – Close, but not quite. Try again.

    Lynn – Yes, it’s true, Curt is pregnant.


  9. Frodo Baggins

    Nice pee-hole callback, and that Statler and Waldorf picture in lieu of a proper punchline cracked me up. I’m going to start doing that after making a bad joke.



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  12. Kronin

    I… actually laughed. well done.


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