Hello Obama Dollars
May 8th, 2009

Hello Obama Dollars

I predict a storm of media attention that culminates in me being named the new Secretary of Homeland 0wnage.

I would have press conferences where I would just read the news and declare various people 0wned.

I would start with you.



  1. Joey



  2. Pat!

    i love ya’ll


  3. brian

    There is your next Variant Spider-Man Obama cover.


  4. chrishaley

    Yeah, let’s see if we can’t get everyone to Digg or Stumble or both this one, shall we?


  5. diana

    okay, I’ll probably never get any ACTUAL credit for anything, but I’d like to imagine that the glass in curt’s hand is full of basil hayden’s, and it is DELICIOUS. am I right?


  6. Lauren

    That’s hot.


  7. dan

    I’ll be in my bunk.


  8. diana

    the more I look at this comic, the more the details become more perfect to me. the loosened tie, the ass grab, the engorged knuckles…

    and I’m gonna go back to the basil hayden’s, just because I’m drunk again and probably won’t remember anyway.


  9. Donnie

    “Air Force one to ground control. Bogie spotted in Midtown Memphis. Target locked, permission to fire.”

    “Permission granted with extreme prejudice.”


  10. liz

    If you guys ever make a poster, please let it be of that last panel. (So I can put it on my ceiling).


  11. Curt's Mom



  12. martiniman

    i have to follow curts mom saying hmmm……cant do it sorry


  13. Friendly Neighborhood Illustrator

    I’m pretty straight and all, but damn…that’s hot.


  14. Joe Biden

    I’m down with it and all, but that’s pretty strange, yo.


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