50 strips!
April 28th, 2009

50 strips!

If we were at the Gold Club this many strips would cost you $2000.

So it’s our 50th strip and it’s extra sized and extra stuffed and extra self-congratulatory.

Imagine a chromium cover on this strip drawn by Stephen Platt and you will understand how important this, the 50th of strips, is.

We never would’ve sobered up long enough to do anything without the help of a lot of people.

Joel Priddy, first and foremost, has been a tremendous help to two guys who have never had anything close to formal training in anything other than Super Bomberman. The fact that he will reply to my e-mails is still slightly surprising.

April Steele for helping with the colors and giving perspective when we need it.

Shane McDermott and Diana Nock for being two actual, talented artists that didn’t laugh us off of the table when we were first getting started.

I don’t want this to get long and crazy masturbatory so I also just want to thank everybody who comments and mentions us elsewhere. I don’t know if I’d go so far to say we have fans yet, but it seems like people enjoy the comics we do and that’s the whole reason we do it because it sure as fuck isn’t going to ever make us any money.


  1. Joey

    i’m working on the coffee table book.


  2. thomas

    “Imagine a chromium cover on this strip drawn by Stephen Platt…”

    I heard for whatever loose change you have in your pocket and half a sandwich he’ll do a cover for you these days, and throw in 27 copies of Moon Knight 55 to boot.

    Also, is 50 already? Jeez that went by quickly.


  3. hellohappytime

    There’s nothing crazy about masturbation!


  4. diana

    chris- be a dear and share with us your skincare regimen.


  5. dan

    Ha! We should all be so well acquainted with Scott McCloud.

    Hate to be *that guy* but what is that bird thing?


  6. april

    dan, it’s none other than the mythical phoenix, rising out of the ashes of its own demise, reborn into a newer, better curt! if only art were true to life…


  7. Joel Priddy

    Thanks for both the nice words and letting me make my debut appearance as “Tweedy, Arrogant Professor!”


  8. Martiniman

    when do u guys get your VH1 special?


  9. mike

    that is one girly-looking phoenix…


  10. Curt's Mom

    Congratulations, Curt and Chris!


  11. chrishaley

    Joey – Hurry up so people can start pre-ordering on Amazon.

    Thomas – You’re telling me.

    Wade – I knew that’d be the part you’d comment on.

    Diana – I live off a strict regimen of Vitamin E and cocaine.

    Dan – You gotta get his latest book, “How To Make Love to Scott McCloud”. Changed my life.

    April – Thanks for the assist.

    Joel – Look for another guest appearance as “cantankerous old coot who learns the true meaning of Christmas”.

    Joe – Man, I’ve already been on VH1.

    Mike – Tezuka must be spinning in his grave.. if he was really dead that is.

    Curt’s Mom – Thanks, Curt’s Mom!


  12. Markus Seaberry

    I hope you guys can make money off of this strip one day, it’s funny.


  13. jason

    congrats on 50 strips guys. it’s been a fun run so far. keep up the great work . this strip was especially funny. love kurt’s progression of death and ultimate ressurection. and yeah…stephen platt’s an asshole who isn’t worthy of holding your pencil.


  14. april

    stephen platt’s asshole, however, might be worthy of holding chris’ pencil.
    uhhh, wait, i didn’t mean it like that.


  15. chrishaley

    April has just made the funniest joke so far on this site.


  16. Martiniman

    when will we see the PITT vs. LBFA???? fans wanna know


  17. jason

    i set it up and april knocks it out the park!!!


  18. chrishaley

    Joe – Pitt.. like, from the 90s? The Image Pitt?


  19. Martiniman

    yea fool….that would be the shit!!!!


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    [...] Are you guys reading Let’s Be Friends Again? [...]

  21. brian

    The answer to the question is “money”. The inside of Scott McCloud’s mouth tastes like money.


  22. Atticus

    I like how you turned into a chicken…a phoenix chicken.


  23. Friendly Neighborhood Illustrator

    Thanks, guys! The strips, by the way, just keep getting better.


  24. Tommy Hood

    This is one of the best strips Ever, sorry to throw praise around so blatantly. But …yeah thats enough


  25. chrishaley

    Tommy – We thank you for your kind words most humble and enthusiastically.
    Now go forth and spread our message of TWO FREE ASS COMICS ABOUT COMICS EVERY WEEK to all of your friends!


  26. dan

    is that phoenix chicken inside a disco ball?


  27. BlueNight

    You ever think about the irony of him not completing the Phoenix cycle because he died? Yeah, me too.


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