April 22nd, 2009


Sorry this one is late. My fault.

I decided to abandon all responsibility and go away to St. Louis this weekend.

Wait. I’m seeing a vision. That wasn’t me in St. Louis… I see a face… Hazy, yet… So familiar… Oh, my god! I see it! It’s… It’s…


  1. Pj Perez

    Pretty damn funny guys!


  2. itcomagic

    Like!!! Good jorb!


  3. Bob

    Okay that was hilarious!


  4. chrishaley

    I would be mad at Curt for giving me a hard time if he didn’t do it in such a clever way.


  5. Martiniman

    this would make reading comics a lot easier…..30 pages is way to much sometimes for my A.D.D


  6. thomas

    Is it sad that I can read Kryptonian? It is, isn’t it?


  7. Joey

    i love it when i get the comic references. this is awesome! and i just learned some kryptonian.


  8. hellohappytime

    Add “GDI” to netspeak things I don’t know. Now I feel badly. Like when people put pound signs and random letters on twitter.

    On another note, I am minting MLAACG. Figure that shit out!

    And good comic! I qctm.


  9. Curt

    many lesbians are also california governors?


  10. diana

    many leprotic alpacas also contract gonorrhea


  11. chrishaley

    It’s funny, because “gdi” seems like such a no brainer to me, but I had to ask Curt what “ffs”* meant.
    Immediately after I emailed him asking, I figured it out.

    *In the original script for this strip, Jor-El’s dialogue in the second panel was “ffs” instead of “gtfo”.


  12. Gavo

    I have no idea why… but i’m strongly drawn to superman’s mom’s boobs… gdi :(


  13. chrishaley

    Gavo – Because they were so lovingly rendered.


  14. atticus

    My Lips Are Awesomely Collagen Generated?


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