Kim Jong Illin’
April 7th, 2009

Kim Jong Illin’

These punny titles are so awful, but I can’t think of any other way to name a strip.

You don’t want to be super literal and say “The one with Kim Jong Il in it.”

You don’t want to just give it a date or a file name.

So here we are, Chris and I making up puns that people sometimes enjoy more than the strip itself.

*plays Talking Head’s “Once In a Lifetime”*


  1. chrishaley

    In Curt’s defense, I’m to blame for today’s title.


  2. Lauren

    I must say I am a fan of the title. Perhaps it is lame of me, but I must say I always enjoy a good pun.


  3. Martiniman

    in kim jongs defense….Libra had threatened him with the anti life equation and he no other choice


  4. Markus Seaberry

    Kim Jong Il’s outfit looks familiar….


  5. Joel Priddy

    Whoa, is the picture on Kim’s podium real? With him looking all dapper and windswept?



  6. chrishaley

    Joel – It is indeed. According to the internet, that painting is his official portrait.


  7. martiniman

    he looks like neo


  8. atticus

    “Kim Jong Il makes a joke and then kills someone”

    “A Reporter asks a Question then Dies”

    “Kim Jong Il Does Not Want to Be Friends Again”

    “A Crazy Mother F&%#er Plays in Space”


  9. thomas

    So i don’t know how often you guys plan to use Kim Jong Ill in the strip, but I muse insist he be wearing Luthor’s power armor every time.


  10. rdh

    You faux-queers didn’t make up the title, don’t take credit for shit you found on 4chan that’s been on the internet for years.


  11. Kevin Church

    Wait, then they’re fake queers? How is that an insult? What? What’s happening?


  12. april

    faux-nothin. those dudes love each other for reals.


  13. Curt

    damn. so this is what it feels like… to be 0wned….


  14. The Giggler

    The First pic should say: Kim Jong, some people are saying your out of controll and should be taking out and this so called test was a strike on the U.S.

    The Secount pic should say: ” thinking” this guy is bugging crap out of me, must find a way to apeas him or kill him.
    Then the rest
    That way it would have been a lot more funny!


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