Children of the Adam
April 1st, 2009

Children of the Adam

100% real Bible quotes.

110% Prof. X slaying a bunch of kids.


  1. Ryan

    A Biblical classic. My uncle Dave used to quote this to my brothers and I when we’d start to get out of hand.


  2. Joey

    righteous child slaying.


  3. atticus jackson

    That is the most beautiful wheelchair ever.


  4. Markus Seaberry

    Wow. That’s awesome and brutal at the same time.


  5. vanessa

    amazing! I had to look up the passage.

    And I am sorry I ever doubted your word. Don’t sick bears on me.


  6. Martiniman

    wish i could summon bears….that be a hell of a mutant power…….”Bears assemble!”


  7. vanessa

    also, “children of the adam”



  8. chrishaley

    As a note to the X-Nerds, those kids are Morlocks… in case you couldn’t tell.


  9. chrishaley

    Atticus – I said to myself, “What would a wheelchair look like on The Flintstones?”


  10. Rae

    Awesome. truly. Sometimes you just can’t make this stuff any funnier, and then sometimes you can.


  11. Elliot

    I imagine this is why Jewish people set an extra place for Elijah at Passover, but not for Elisha. He dislikes your cooking, and suddenly – bears! Plus there’s that whole “cheap imitation” factor along the lines of Wolverine and Sabertooth…


  12. Elliot

    I nominate Ezekiel 23:20 for the next installment.


  13. april

    the LORD is kind of a dick.


  14. chrishaley

    April’s comment is especially poignant given Elliot’s scripture suggestion.


  15. Atticus Jackson

    Apparently god also knew that female bears are more violent than male bears. So kids, don’t mess with bitches.


  16. ruthiedv8

    You never cease to amaze me.


  17. lynn

    The bear in the foreground is somehow hilarious to me.


  18. Dan

    I once read a translation that involved lightning, but I prefer she bears.


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  20. Jackson

    Dude, that was absolutely astounding. It is perfect on so many levels.


  21. chrishaley

    Thanks, a lot, Jackson!
    As talking about webcomics appears to a thing you do, we hope you enjoy some of our business enough to perhaps pass the word on.


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