Double Vision
March 10th, 2009

Double Vision

Subtle Swiftian commentary.

Don’t know what Swiftian means, but w/e, I think we nailed the dude’s commentary style.

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These people get it.

If I had a magazine about people and made lists about shit I would make a list in that magazine about people who get it and these people would be that list.


  1. Joel Priddy

    Wait, in the Zack Snyder version, shouldn’t the ending be completely lame and pointless?


  2. chrishaley

    No, it’s just missing the sugar cube.


  3. Tommy

    AND the cigarette crack pipe.


  4. Joey

    wait, what?


  5. Joey

    oh, wait, i got it!


  6. Atticus

    Seriously this comic was SO much better with the sugar cube.


  7. otherjoel

    Adrian Veidt found with cleaver lodged in skull


  8. otherjoel

    movie version:”I triggered it 35 minutes ago”

    (Snyder didn’t want to confuse us by actually placing the explosion 35 minutes in the past. Comics are complicated.)


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  10. vanessa

    This comic reminds me that only costume that didn’t change was Rorschach’s… was it just that timeless, or was Zack afraid of how people might react? I mean, I’m glad, but still…


  11. vanessa

    also, all I could see in the above link with a Lex Luthor photo was his bald cap.


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