It stays white out later
January 27th, 2009

It stays white out later

This would’ve been a lot easier to swallow if they had just chosen John Stewart to be a White Lantern.


  1. martiniman

    you guys have made my day week and month…..hells yes!!!!…..its got me…..Lanterns….and thermal shirts under t-shirts…the best

    chris is curt got me at a bus stop another one of those “backgrounds that make no sense”?


  2. thomas

    The chest logo is a nice touch.


  3. Nathan

    wow….. that’s all i’ve got. just “wow”..


  4. chrishaley

    Joe – Curt just said Joe’s sitting at a bus stop. I think the idea was that that’s a good place to have people just randomly walking by.


  5. Josh

    HI-LARIOUS! Living abroad (I’m living on top of a woman), I’ve fallen out of the comics game. Does the White Lantern really have a hood like that or was that added for what the kids call “Comedic Effect”?


  6. Markus

    Disturbing, but kinda funny.


  7. lynn



  8. brian

    Well, now I know what Joe has GOT to be for Halloween this year. Better get started on that costume dude! Oh wait….you already have a hat like that.


  9. chrishaley

    Thomas – Thanks, man. When Curt said, “Joe becomes a White Lantern” the immediate panic that hit me was, “Oh shit, I’m going to have to come up with a new Lantern Corps costume/logo.”
    Being the comic nerd that I am trying to come up with something that looks like it could possibly, maybe be in that same universe and sorta match what the other Corps’ costumes look like was really important to me. I don’t know how well I succeeded, but I did the best I could.


  10. chrishaley

    Josh – You are a funny man.
    As to your question, there are no White Lanterns in the “real” comics. There are Green, Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Indigo, Violet, and Black.
    My idea was that it’s supposed to look like the classic GL mask expanded up to a hood.


  11. chrishaley

    Markus – Only kinda funny?


  12. chrishaley

    Also, for those who don’t know, Curt meant this guy, not this guy.


  13. Chris


    Seriously. Most awesome.

    They are going to end up doing a White or Pure Light corp or something, where all the spectrum colors unify to battle the Black Corp. That just makes this all the more awesome.


  14. keith

    That is hilarious.


  15. Pat!



  16. Josh

    Thanks for the clarification, Chris. Living in the desert with the strict internet police we have here, it’s hard to fact-check the various “web-toons” I read online.

    Also, with all these various colored Lanterns running around, it makes me fondly remember Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. What do you think the possibility is of all of them getting giant Lantern “zords” that join together to form an even bigger Lantern?


  17. Markus

    Chris-I didn’t mean any harm, I’m just sensitive when it comes to Klan jokes. I understand the sentiment, and I get it, but in this post-Imus climate, it feels a little weird.


  18. chrishaley

    Chris – Wow, if they do end up doing some kind of White Lanterns it’ll look like they’re ripping us off.


  19. chrishaley

    Keith – Thanks a lot, mate. I’m sorry I’ve been watching a lot of Dr. Who.


  20. chrishaley

    Pat! – That’s as many exclamation points as letters in that sentence. That’s how you know it’s good.


  21. chrishaley

    Markus – I’m glad we didn’t offend you.


  22. brian

    Ha! That is the first reference I’ve ever seen to a “post-Imus climate”. Classic.


  23. Atticus Jackson

    Why have I not commented on this comic yet!? It’s one of the funniest :-D


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  25. Revolverhawk

    Supposedly, the rings are supposed to find people who are well suited to wear them. Having the ring find a guy who believes in racial equality (which he apparently does, as he doesn’t seem very happy) misses that key aspect.


  26. Revolverhawk

    I mean, I am willing to bet not every ring was well suited for the one who recieved it, but judging from the look on his face that is one of the less appropriate choices the ring could have made. I get that actual racists would not be pure, but you would think that said racists would make a ring that people like them would be well suited to wear.

    Sorry for over-analyzing.


  27. Curt

    the ring isn’t actually racist, the oath is just easily misconstrued.

    and over-analyzing is ok. we’re comic book fans. we do that.


  28. Revolverhawk

    Sorry. Over serious nerds like me ruin everything :(


  29. Revolverhawk

    Oh, okay.


  30. Revolverhawk

    Crap, posted to early. Too many posts :(
    Anyways, I thought it was a KKK version of Sinestro Corps or something, an evil group that made their own ring. Sorry about extra posts, it won’t happen again.


  31. chrishaley

    Revolverhawk – First of all, awesome name. Second of all, feel free to post as much as you like, dude. It’s like Curt said, we’re comic book fans. Over-analyzing things is what we do.


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  34. Snorpenbass

    …of course, the fact that a lot of minority or mixed-race DC superheroes and side characters have been violently killed or disdainfully replaced recently only makes this even funnier…


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  37. Sparky

    Just found this site and I must say I cracked up even more than I did at the actual strip when I saw the comments about there not being a White Lantern Corp


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    Aha! I’ve heard that somewhere before lol


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