The W House
January 20th, 2009

The W House

Nutty day
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So I got sworn in today. Freezing cold out there. Cheney ran over my foot in his wheelchair and then grinned at me like he’s all “Sorry!” but I know he did it on purpose. w/e

Just kinda been gettin used to the place today. The kitchen’s pretty fail. They have this old Jenn Air island in the middle that it doesn’t look like anybody’s cleaned since Nixon. There was a Totino’s pizza bite under one the stovetop bars, black as hell and crispy like a cold Stella. Gross. I picked it up with some tongs and threw it at Michelle. lol

Still gotta do all my briefings and what not. I’m about half way through the second Twilight book so I might bring it with me and when they’re all like “Uhhhh wtf?” I’ll just be all “Hey, I’m the PoTUSA LOL” and what are they gonna do, embargo me?

Anyway, peace out my myspace friends



  1. april

    not only do i think this is one of the best comics chris has drawn, i also think the accompanying blog entry is one of the best curt has written. good job, boys. tiger style. tyger styyyle…


  2. Donnie

    That is a fu@#ing awesome comic strip.


  3. brian

    Obama 4Ever! Peace!


  4. vanessa

    I have to agree with April, I was totally LOL-ing!!


  5. Kennedy

    You need to diversify yo’ bonds, nigga.


  6. martiniman

    protect ya fuckin neck…………this is without a doubt the best strip you guys have ever done…..great job chris, Rza and Gza would be proud……curt great flows and blog…..wonderful job….gtg im reading this again



  7. chrishaley

    I was just listening to this on repeat..
    Everyone else should do the same while they read this.


  8. chrishaley

    Also, I am really excited about that song being our new national anthem.


  9. lynn

    oh my gawd! this shit mutha fuckin’ ti-zite!


  10. atticusjackson

    Probably the funniest thing ever.

    Crispy Stella? An homage to the great Achewood perhaps?


  11. chrishaley

    B-Rock loves Achewood.


  12. Markus

    This cartoon is awesome!! Wu-Tang Clan ain’t nothin’ to f with!!


  13. atticusjackson

    B-ROK iz all up inz. ya dig?


  14. Curt

    Most definitely an Achewood ripoff. Or homage. Whichever makes me sound less derivative.


  15. atticusjackson

    We’ll just tell everyone that LBFA sold out to the man.


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  17. ddrt

    Lets Be Friends Aint nothin to fuck with!


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