January 9th, 2009


Aeris’ murder at the tip of Sephiroth’s impossible sword is one of the defining moments of high school for me.

Another defining moment is when I played Everquest for 36 hours straight and collapsed from dehydration.

I’ll never forget those golden years.


  1. Joel Priddy

    Okay, I don’t get the reference at all, but the construction of the joke is so good, I don’t need to.

    That’s good comicking.


  2. chrishaley

    Wow, praise from Caesar.


  3. chrishaley

    Also, Joel, I know I’m doin’ some stuff up in a way that is probably straight-up awful to your eyes/art-mind, so I appreciate you still looking at the jokes.


  4. Joel Priddy

    Pshaw! You’re doing great work, Chris! So speaks Caesar! Just look at the way Curt goes from Spock-eyebrow to Bambi-eyes! Cartoontastic!

    Also, I really want to see the image your avatar is taken from. It looks great. And I’m delighted to see the the Enthusiast and Lil’ Fahrenheit are still kicking around.


  5. martiniman

    mr. priddy i dont get the references either


  6. brian

    Yeah, what the hell game is this from? Hang on…googling…oh, Final Fantasy VII. Here you go, newbs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9yaUMWZxaBA.

    That is some dramatic gaming.


  7. chrishaley

    I can’t look at YouTube at work, but I hope to God that this is a hidden camera video of Curt playing FFVII.


  8. Atticus Jackson

    Alright well I got the reference, probably cause I’m so a big nerd.

    I swear to you though, I’m going to invent a great IV system of Mountain Dew and cold pizza to be delivered straight into the blood of World of Warcraft players…I’ll make millions!


  9. Sean

    I know I’ve been holding back the venom for quite a while, but when did FF VII become a two player game on what looks like the Gamecube? Those sure aren’t PS controllers. Unless Curt has some sort of 2 player Gamecube prototype stored in his Uncle Scrooge vault o’ games. I love you guys!


  10. brian

    Chris is the one actually playing, Curt is just pretending. Kind of like when I let my kids “play” NCAA Football with me. Good defense, kids! You can tell because a) Chris’ controller is a-vibrating and b) his tongue is sticking out, a sure sign of video gaming concentration.


  11. chrishaley

    They’re expensive Logitech controllers.
    That’s why they look different.
    I understand why you didn’t recognize them, Sean.
    It’s okay.


  12. Sean

    Oh, my mistake, I figured there’d be some shoulder buttons and not some non-researched generia (yeah I made that up) thrown together. <3

    You know judging from my posts, strangers might not realize that we actually are good friends. I feel like I’m the LBFA villain. And to keep with that tradition. Nice detailed background, ace! XOXO


  13. chrishaley

    Sean – The Logitech controllers actually move the shoulder buttons to the grips, more akin to triggers than buttons. This way while holding the controllers instead of having to stretch your index fingers to the top of the controller while the rest of your fingers held the grips you could hold it more naturally and comfortably. Logitech makes controllers that are much more ergonomical… because rich people don’t care for being uncomfortable.


  14. Carrie

    OMG, I cried when Aeris died. I think all of us geeks in the room did. Tears streamed down my face. I’d always listen to the song (that I downloaded) when I was sad. FFVII was out the same year that Amy and our friends dressed in seriously awesome Sailor Scout costumes. We went to a costume contest at a coffee shop (hey, it was the late 90s!) and omg, there were guys there with completely amazing Cloud and Sephiroth costumes, complete with weapons. Sigh…


  15. rufusfirefly

    I have never felt so old.



  16. Ruthiedv8

    I have that same fear for myself and for you. You are doing so well. Has all my effort been in vain?


  17. surly

    I was quite happy she kicked it. Time for Tifa to reclaim her spot.


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