Garfield, no….
December 19th, 2008

Garfield, no….

Who knew a cat could eat too mush pasta? I did. I think everybody did. Somebody should’ve told Chris, I guess.

On the bright side, I had a great childhood!


  1. lynn

    you know there’s like three signs that your child will grow up to be a serial killer.
    2.torturing animals

    having read the “ghost rider” episode i now see two out of three traits are represented here…oh and and let us not forget the totally fucked up family circus.
    so that just leaves bedwetting…


  2. april

    that last panel is my favorite lbfa panel ever.


  3. Rebecca

    Thats quite possibly the saddest face I’ve ever seen.


  4. Dylan

    Oh man, this is the one where, when you guys are all webcomic famous and jetting around in dirigibles while smoking opium with Anthony Michael Hall and betting human lives on Shanghai dogfights – you know, just living the high life – this strip will be the one I will point to, all slobbery and disheveled, living behind some dumpster somewhere in Hoboken and I will say to whoever is listening: “See, now that’s when these guys were funny. Back before they went all corporate.”

    Well done, men.


  5. martiniman

    who didn’t love Garfield books back in the day….great strip guys


  6. joey

    hey, is this gonna be like those remixed garfield strips where you can switch the panels around or remove all the words and it’s funnier? man, i hate garfield.


  7. chrishaley

    Joey – Haha! Oh, man, I hope so!
    You’re up first.
    Knock one out of the park.


  8. Atticus Jackson

    I love how his lightning bolt shirt grew in size along with him.


  9. Atticus Jackson

    Also…who the hell gets that excited about Garfield?

    Hint: the answer is curt.


  10. chrishaley

    Curt and Garfield have a special relationship that involves a lot of excitement.
    Garfield similarly usually kicks open the door exclaiming the arrival of a new Curt book.
    Then Odie tells him to get it out of the house and recalls a time when he once poured so much gin down the throat of his pet Curt.


  11. Atticus Jackson

    This….this should happen….we should make this happen…


  12. fizr?

    garfield is balls!


    i canz haz cheezburgr? Reply:

    I like garfeild =(


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  14. Mariana

    There was tthe occasional shiny spot for Hodgson, especially in Ross Barkley’s first half recreation and, until the objectives,
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