It’ll make more sense in a second.
December 16th, 2008

It’ll make more sense in a second.

‘Ghost Riding the Whip’ is the term for the popular youth movement of putting your car in drive, letting it cruise a little, and climbing on top of the vehicle to dance or surf or appear in Teen Wolf.

I became a big fan of Ghost Riding the Whip when I saw this video.

I think I’m gonna try skateboarding on top of my car. That’s the next level. I’m always looking to elevate my artforms. You know me.


  1. Donnie

    So, THAT’S what happened to your car that time we couldn’t “find” it. It all makes so much sense now. The lack of eyebrows for a month. All of it.


  2. april

    hahaha mane i hope u died u is a crazy fuk so retarded LOLOL


  3. Pat!

    the youth of today are fucking stupid LOL!


  4. martiniman

    being a person who has both done and witnessed some dumb shit i can say with every fabric of my being thats some dumb shit


  5. brian

    This is brilliant! And I love how in your “continuity”, Chris is becoming much, much smarter than Curt. Except for the portal technology stuff.


  6. chrishaley

    This really should have been the comic we had Joe guest star in, because I can see him doing something like this long before I can imagine Curt doing it.. then again, I did have to keep Curt from drunkenly setting his head on fire in my living room once.
    That is not even a joke, people.
    That is serious one hundred.


  7. chrishaley

    Also, April’s comment is in reference to the comments on the video Curt linked to in the post.
    If you watched the video but didn’t read some of those comments, you’re really missing out on some hilarity.


  8. martiniman

    yea curt did put a bag on his head and set it on fire(as I type this im laughing) i forgot that shit


  9. Atticus Jackson

    In the second panel it looks like Starslip Crisis crept into your face, Chris.


  10. chrishaley

    Though I have heard of Starslip Crisis and I know I have seen Starslip Crisis comics at least briefly before, I had no idea what that comment meant. So I had to go look it up, and I now see what you mean. Not intentional.


  11. ddrt

    This is the first time I’ve literally fallen over laughing.


  12. ThorJunt

    I love the logic here, “I’m rich. I’m sure.

    It was really nice meeting the two of you this weekend at GMX. Thanks for my badass panda on a see-saw.


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