It’s Thursday, right?
November 30th, 2008

It’s Thursday, right?

Okay, the comic strip just woke me up and apparently it’s Sunday?

What the hell, strip! You know we update on Tuesdays and Thursdays! And here you are, coming in late with the a potpourri of odors hanging all over. I think I got a whiff of modelling glue and KY Jelly. What have you gotten yourself into, comic strip?!

Okay, look, just because she was bleeding when you left doesn’t mean she’s dead. Here, let’s look at the week’s reports of missing hobos and strippers. Don’t ask me why I have this site bookmarked, comic strip, you’re already in enough trouble.

See her name on the list? You don’t remember her name?!

Were you wearing gloves? Okay, good, no fingerprints. Where’d you stash the gloves?

The river, good, it’s busy this time of year so they should be long gone by now.

Just get up on the page, comic strip, and I’ll take care of everything.

Daddy’s here for you, buddy.


  1. chrishaley

    The blame for this really falls on me though.
    I mean, I was the one who introduced the comic to that stripper.


  2. Dylan

    Dude! I’m webcomic famous. And I don’t care, I liked the Clone Wars. Because I have the Star Wars sickness.


  3. chrishaley

    Yeah, I thought it was fun too.. that’s why Curt hates me.


  4. Curt

    Dylan, I apologize for shooting you, but you are an acceptable casualty in my war against Chris Haley.


  5. martiniman

    dont look at me i dont even know what portal technology is……


  6. Dylan

    Curt, I accept your apology … FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE!!! And dude, the afterlife sucks! There’s nothing here but Wal-Marts, hillbilly outdoorsman stores and ugly volcanic rock. And the people are the most backward and depressing people you will ever meet.

    Oh wait, this isn’t the afterlife. It’s Wyoming. NOOOOOO!!! Curse you, Franklin. This isn’t over.


  7. brian

    This was great. My favorite’s the little kid.


  8. brian

    Oh, and the fact that Curt tips his pinky while firing a gun. Just like he does while drinking tea.


  9. Curt

    I’m impressed by the drawing of the gun. Good job, Chris.


  10. Curt

    Also, you need to cut a check to Mignola for some of that first panel.


  11. brian

    I agree. And Curt needs to cut a check to Jeff Foxworthy for all of his “comedy”.


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