There can only be one
November 25th, 2008

There can only be one

Full disclosure: when I told Chris to draw Astro from the Jetsons being depressed about Astro from the Boy getting his own movie, I was thinking about Elroy from the Jetsons. A dog being drunk and depressed is probably more funny than a kid being drunk and depressed. At least that’s what my dad used to tell me when he’d ask me to mix a martini in the water dish.

Here’s a note from Chris:

Astro Boy is completely awesome.
That is my opinion and I don’t particularly think it is an opinion that can be argued against.
Today’s strip is what happens when I tell Curt I don’t have any ideas, but I would like to do a strip about Astro Boy.
I had been watching the trailer over and over, and as I don’t really have time for non-Let’s Be Friends Again drawing these days, I really wanted an excuse to draw him.
To my delight, Curt let me have one.
I love Grant Morrison, but my favorite writer is Curt Franken.
I mean, Franklin.
Stick to the pictures, chum.


  1. chrishaley

    Oh, Curt.
    No one can have the last word but you.

    I started to just have that last sentence be sincere, but then I thought you’d make fun of me for being too saccharine.


  2. Curt

    I’d never make fun of you Chris!


  3. Sean

    Really setting the comic world on fire with that schedule guys :)


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