L4D – A Man and his Master Sword
November 18th, 2008

L4D – A Man and his Master Sword

Short explanation: Left 4 Dead is a video game where four survivors must work together to confront the zombie apocalypse. I think that’s all the information necessary to understand the comic.

When Chris sent me this strip, I grew a little concerned that he was making fun of me.

I own a genuine replica Master Sword from the Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. It even has a close approximation of my video game sensei Shigeru Miyamoto-chan’s signature on the hilt. Of course, Chris wouldn’t know this because my mom hid it from me after I used it to do an “honor cutting” on my eight year old cousin last Christmas. My wrath is spared, Chris. This time.

What really gets me is him making fun of my old, easily swarm-able wooden door. The poor door has been through tough times, so for Chris to draw it with the tensile strength of Strom Thurmond upsets me on a level usually reserved for any time in a movie where a dog dies.

Making fun of me is fine, Chris. I’ve come to expect it. I can still keep my chin at a noble altitude. But please, next time, leave my sword and my door out of it.


  1. Sean

    That door was a complete piece of shit anyways. I told you to replace it.


  2. chrishaley

    It is important to note that the character in today’s strip is NOT supposed to be Curt.. but that does not mean that Curt’s door does not suck.


  3. chrishaley

    Curt’s door sucks.


  4. chrishaley

    Also, the idea of ME making fun of Curt is hilarious because of life.. and facts.


  5. Joel Priddy

    “…the tensile strength of Strom Thurmond…” is poetry.


  6. chrishaley

    Jeez, Joel.
    As though I don’t have enough trouble fitting in the same room with Curt’s ego as is.


  7. Sean



  8. chrishaley

    Sean, please do not spread your germs here.


  9. Sean

    I heard rumors of 3 comics this week? Can this be verified?


  10. chrishaley

    It is true.
    The 3rd will be up on Saturday as some kind of special weekend treat.


  11. robin

    ooh, am i the lesbian roommate everyone is afraid of? pleeeease?

    have you ever thought of keyword tagging your strips? as more develop, it’s harder for me to find specific ones and send them in gchats to my friends.


  12. chrishaley

    Robin – I’ll talk to Curt about seeing if that’s a possibility. Until then though, the easiest way I’ve found to sort through the strips in a hurry is by clicking on the “Comics” link under “Categories” over on the right hand side. That brings up smaller versions of the comics that are a little quicker to go through.


  13. chrishaley

    The “Search” feature also works to a degree.


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  15. madman

    lol the door sucks but if used right he could get out i mean he has a samurri sword but -_- watever cough…


  16. d├ęboucheur bruxelles

    d├ęboucheur bruxelles…

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  17. i canz haz cheezburgr?



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