He wasn’t trippin.
November 13th, 2008

He wasn’t trippin.

This is sort of a true story. I have talked to Chris on the phone before and called him an idiot. I have also used google.

So, what happens when you actually type “google, dude just told me girls have special pee place, is he trippin” into google?

First result is an old Ray’s Place advice article from Achewood. It was meant to be.

Second story is some story about Michael Vick’s children. Maybe Vick had to tell his kids about a lady’s pee machinery as part of his prison sentence? I don’t know.

Third is something hosted at Rutgers, and, seriously, fuck Rutgers. Fuck Rutgers.

Fourth is a blog called ‘The Assimilated Negro’. I’m too afraid to look at ‘The Assimilated Negro’ blog because the cold reality might shatter what I’ve dreamed it to be: a blog about a black man experiencing xenophobia and racism aboard a Borg vessel. I think the Zerg from Starcraft could assimilate people, too. Maybe some guy is having problems hailing a Protoss cab and he likes to have a little corner of the internet to vent.

Just remember: despite whatever your stupid brother told you, girls do not pee from their butt.


  1. chrishaley

    Dude! Why did you say that?
    Now I’m never going to get into Rutgers.


  2. hairpiebri

    Not if you bang out that The Assimilated Cartoonist strip you’ve planning to add to your portfolio for years. A journey of learning, love, and friendship that culminates in your three-legged dog, Air Curt, hitting the winning free throw to carry Rutgers to the NIT Championship.


  3. lynn

    that’s so funny, cuz i didn’t know i had more than a “pee hole” as you so eloquently put it till i was like twelve! i’ve discussed this at length with edward who has some really funny insights about his balls “dropping”


  4. chrishaley

    You’ve gotta get back to writing posts like this with the comics.
    That would be very top shelf of you.


  5. T.A.N.

    I am here to report that all your dreams, as listed here in this blog post, they are true.

    We would also welcome any contribution you have to our burgeoning Pee Place-ipedia.



  6. atticus

    haha now when you type in “google, dude just told me girls have special pee place, is he trippin” It brings up this page! Congrats!


  7. Curt

    Haha, yes, one step closer to ruling the world.


  8. David

    As someone from NJ, thank you for agreeing with me on Rutgers. Fuck Rutgers indeed.


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