R[evol]utionary Oar
November 6th, 2008

R[evol]utionary Oar

Then I woke up. AGAIN!


What is with all these dreams lately, diary?

This time I wake and find myself in a bumper car with Chris. It’s a fine day at the Local Carnival Faire. The smell of turkey legs and pig shit mixes with the odor of artificial sweetener used to blend up a loose collection of molecules some call cotton candy.

“Did you have that ‘me secretly being Ron Paul’ dream again?”, Chris asks as a freckled twelve year-old boy slams into our side. I try to spit on the lad, but his canny maneuvering causes to me to pelt the man sitting next to him who sort of frowns in the way that says “My day was already going crappy enough with my obnoxious fat kid here. Thanks, dude.”

I sigh.

“Yeah. Ever since I forgot to vote for him I’ve had those dreams. In one he’s calling me to Las Vegas and it all ends in a flash of white. In another, he is Vegeta and I am Goku and we don’t end up being friends – EVER.”

My lip starts to quiver and I try to hide it, but I think Chris notices. If he does notice, he doesn’t say anything. He’s a good friend like that.


  1. chrishaley

    “In another, he is Vegeta and I am Goku and we don’t end up being friends – EVER.”

    This may be the finest sentence ever written.
    There is a large part of me that believes that all writing since the inception of a written language has been building in preparation for that sentence.


  2. chrishaley

    I also see a lot of future fanart springing forth from the premise of that sentence.


  3. brian

    I love the Ron Paul perfect world as Bioshock metaphor. That’s too sweet. May I offer up a world where Alan Keyes was elected as similar to some GTA IV/Elite Beat Agents mishmash?


  4. chrishaley

    At some point I assume Curt will explain the Bioshock joke that this comic is apparently making to me.


  5. lynn

    “our side”?
    this speaks volumes.


  6. chrishaley

    Does it speak volumes about how Curt and I are a team?


  7. lynn

    uh… yes?
    actually, no. just a bad joke i’m afraid.


  8. lynn



  9. chrishaley

    Is it like a political joke? Because Curt has to explain those to me too.


  10. admin

    I could explain the joke, but then it wouldn’t be funny, right?

    Also, to Brian, you are the first person to have an avatar. I think you deserve something special for that.


  11. lynn

    joined at the hip.

    see?! too simple for an explanation.


  12. dEdPhErE

    Bioshock much?


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