Das Moot
November 4th, 2008

Das Moot

Just to be clear, we do not support Ron Paul, the candidate. We do, however, throw the full weight of this website and its tremendous political influence behind Ron Paul, the guy who puts his name on things he read about in Jules Verne novels.

2012 will hopefully see his name tagged on steam-powered drill machines that are driven by the literally unwashed internet masses to burrow their way to the center of the Earth on a mission to inform the lava men about how only Ron Paul can give the Constitution a colostomy bag or something. We will hear their shrill screams as flesh is seared and fat rendered by the typically Socialist lava men.

Go vote.


  1. april

    curt, i feel as though your witticism may be contributing to the lack of comments by intimidating the “try to impress the comic guys by saying something clever in the comments section” demographic. i’m just sayin’.

    never the clever one, i’m just gonna come out and say that i’ll blow whoever can get me a ride on the ron paul blimp.


  2. admin

    I’ve often felt that the reason people don’t talk to me is because I’m too witty. Thanks for the validation, April!


  3. hairpiebri

    Diggin the color specs boys!


  4. chrishaley

    Is this like a compliment about the coloring of the sunglasses Curt puts on?


  5. admin

    I think he just likes the coloring you did.


  6. chrishaley

    Also, why is his avatar a picture of you?


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