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god bless this mess

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

pardon a few things:

1. the black and white color scheme. our webcomic is not planned to be viewed on television sets from the 50′s, we’ve just yet to pick a color scheme. i’m hoping we can go with neon pink or green, trapper-keeper style, but we’ll see.

2. the ease with which i become distracted by youtube videos of 60′s folk singers whenever i sit down to try and edit this monstrosity of a site

3. general lack of polish

i’m learning this as i go, so bear with me. the plan for now is a comic a day until October 7th, whereupon the Tuesdays and Thursdays of your life will bear sweet, new Let’s Be Friends Again fruit. for the rest of our lives. or until we get lazy. smart money on the latter, gamblers.

- curt


Monday, October 6th, 2008

chris and i just got back from SPX, so if you navigated your way to this site by way of a card you found on the messy tiled floor of a bathroom stall, welcome!

we’re going to be updating the comic on tuesdays and thursdays with blog posts hopefully every day or somewhere thereabouts. *wood is knocked*

i’m also planning on doing a review of all the comics i bought at the show. the criticism will be akin to that of an infant who’s only sense of narrative and characterization comes from an episode of that nickelodeon show where a blue circle bounces around the screen for two hours; so, hopes, don’t get up for any worthwhile insight.

also hoping to mention and link to all the great people chris and i met, if only to force my mom (Hi!) to check out some of the stuff i’m going to tell her about.



Thursday, October 9th, 2008

not content, the word that implies we’re resting on our laurels, but content, the word that strikes fear into anyone with a website, the word that brings the unbidden masses to your website to check out all your shit for free, the word that makes you internet famous!

we are hoping to have a lot. content, that is. and we’re debating on exactly what forms it will take. keep in mind, though, that we just want to make people laugh. so if something pops up here that isn’t funny, let us know, and then i will call you a wiener. that’s the way these things usually proceed in real life.